2020 Del Mar Fair plans

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The first meeting at the Fair Grounds is scheduled:


  • The Fair has a kick off meeting every Oct to let participants know what is the theme, give us hand outs on the rules etc..  and update us on any new developements.
  • The meeting is 10-22-19 at 6:00pm at the Fair Grounds.  If anyone wants to come and see how this part of it works let me know.  
  • Once we get the official theme we will be off and running.


The first committee meeting to be held at Nov meeting:


  • We will be holding our first Fair Committee meeting at the Nov Monthly meeting.
  • We have had many members give some thoughts and ideas already - excited to get all these and other ideas evolving into another great layout.
  • Our goal this year is to beat last years set up time and effort.  With that said, we will not be having any 24" or 36" trees thank you very much.





What we don't want to do again or improve:


  • electronics spread out in multiple boxes, could be organized better, how about on a single piece of plywood?
  • printed instructions on how to reset utomated controllers
  • labelling which faucet controls water feature and which is drip

Other notes:

 Steve Misrack:

  • do not touch sign in English & Spanish - black signs with engraved white letters
  • tag us on FB/Twitter  #sdgrs #sdfair
  • a photo spot to allow people to shoot a video with their phones, like a stand/frame
  • handouts that give some detail on the club, where/when we meet