2020 Del Mar Fair plans

 This is just a set of notes we are accumulating for the 2020 Del Mar fair.

Notes: Please correct me if any of this is wrong or in error. I'm putting peoples initials at the comments.

What worked well:


  • The sending of one parking pass, and the volunteer picks up the next pass at the fair. Andy did an outstanding job.
  • the 3 colors on the web site calendar for no one (red), only one person (yellow), 2 or more people (green)
  • the overlap of 1 one hour per shift
  • 2 shifts
  • emailing for volunteers, often got responses within an hour or less


What we don't want to do again or improve:


  • electronics spread out in multiple boxes, could be organized better, how about on a single piece of plywood?
  • printed instructions on how to reset utomated controllers
  • labelling which faucet controls water feature and which is drip

Other notes:

 Steve Misrack:

  • do not touch sign in English & Spanish - black signs with engraved white letters
  • tag us on FB/Twitter  #sdgrs #sdfair
  • a photo spot to allow people to shoot a video with their phones, like a stand/frame
  • handouts that give some detail on the club, where/when we meet