2019 Del Mar fair plans


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23 March meeting


We had a good turn out last Saturday again.  Thanks to all that showed up.

We are planning in meeting this Saturday again starting at 10:00 and going to 1:00 or so at Dick Ericksen’s house  1065 Calle Mesita, Bonita, CA (garage really)

Let’s plan on working on the following items:

  • Work on the large barn façade/structure
    • Paint the Barn
    • Mount the beam for the tornado
    • Paint the Oz side sky blue
    • Mark out and paint the rainbow on the Oz side
  • Work on tornado
  • Paint various structures
  • Roof for the 3 grain silos
  • Paint the cut wheat field
    • Cutting the artifial grass did not work so I bought a really short grass which looks like cut grass-ish
  • Cut and splice the wheat fields (to incorporate the cut portions) and square off the on side of the field

The intent is to have multiple work stations so all these projects are going on at the same time.

Water will be provided but you will be on your own for lunch or snacks if you need it.

Attached is the latest Acad file plotted.  I re-thought the location of the grain elevator and the sawmill.  They seemed to be on the wrong side of town.  Now we have the grain elevator on the farming side and the logging operations on the other side.







The Fair Layout is going to have a large quantity of structures on display this year. So the past few weekend’s repairs have been ongoing to various buildings that are anticipated to be used in this year’s Exhibit. It is amazing how glue holds when you want to take something apart and just let go everywhere else. Not the most rewarding work but always nice to get that structure repair work done.   Had some dry rot on some buildings that were on Bill Smith’s layout. This year there will be 4 of Bill Smith’s buildings displayed all of which have been refurbished.  

A few structures from the past two years will be returning as well.   Dick Ericksen has agreed to let us use two of his structures, the saw mill from 2017 and the factory from 2018.   We also are planning on using a lumber mill from Greg Orgod along with buildings from Andy Kann and Gene Cook . Dan Brown has loaned us his hot air balloon which is very fitting for this year’s theme.   If anyone has some buildings they would like to loan for use on the Exhibit please let us know.

We could use some street side scenes for the City scene. If you have any items that may work and you are willing to loan them let us know.

Rich Perrelli has begun work on the paddle wheel tug boat and barge. The barge is anticipated to have 2 train cars being transported down (or up) the river depending on how we set the current in the river. He has set his standards quite high last year with the “ALOHA” vessel. Really looking forward to seeing this one.

If you are interested in helping out with any aspect please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



There will be a number of "vignettes" around the layout.

Volunteers are encouraged to sign up for a "vignette"


List of vignettes

  • James Kuhns, 12" x 18" feet hobo camp
  • Rick Blank, approx 12 feet, harley davidson shop with/without fire station
  • Andy - wheat field, made of artificial grass
  • Poppy field
  • need scene by barn
  • Gazebo scene
  • paddle boat
  • need scene by grain elevator


List of locomotives and what track they will run on




most locos will have sound...


page restricted to board members for now


Thanks to all of you for volunteering to help with the pre FAIR work.

We have a basic track plan done but need to figure out more of the details.  We will be having 8 trains running this year.  A double track with 8-10 car trains with Diesel Electric engines.  There will be a steam engine in the high country for a logging scenario.  The points to points will be a Trolley in the City and a switcher engine in the switching yard.  There will be a special effect of a plain train going into a tunnel and a colorful train coming out the other side and one more looped train.

We will be having the Mississippi River with hopefully a paddle wheeler and maybe a couple of other boats.

Things on the list so far:

  • Kick off meeting at the Fair
  • Design of layout
    • Track plan
    • City
    • Town
    • Scenes
    • Mississippi River
  • Trains
  • Buildings
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Informational sheets
    • Farming
    • Mississippi River Boats
    • Etc…
  • Plants