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2018 Board of Directors Nomination Committee

Per our bylaws, we need ot have a Nomination Committee and it was formed by the July meeting.

Greg Elmassian is leading this committee, assisted by Mike von Radesky and Mark Lovelace.

The committee's purpose is to facilitate the candidates for the election in October.

The 4 positions up for re-election are held by:

(when somone is appointed to fill a vacancy, their term expires when the original member's term would expire)

  • Rick Blank
  • Rich Perrelli
  • Dick Ericksen
  • Sue Murray

Any incumbent members may decide to be a candidate for re-election, there is no restriction.

The current list of nominees:

  • Rick Blank  (Incumbent)
  • Dick Ericksen  (incumbent & President)
  • Mark Lovelace
  • Sue Murray (incumbent)

(Rich Perrelli has decided not to run again)


Per the bylaws, the final list of candidates was published/presented in August at the club meeting (and emailed)



The nomination committee will gather short bio's of each candidate suitable for inclusion in the September newsletter.

The current bylaws do not prohibit adding more candidates, so more nominations are still welcome.