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Annual Meeting Committee


Sue Murray has graciously agreed to lead our annual meeting and picnic committee

(I think she has recovered from the severe arm twist by now ha ha!)


It's a big job, the meeting will be at Walter Anderson's so there's a number of moving parts.

Please consider volunteering to help Sue and your club!

We do have the election at this meeding, Greg E. is leading that, so it's a separate part.


Here's the general timeline so far:


9:00 am: swap meet setup can start

10:00 am: swap meet purchasing starts (we hold off people so everyone gets a fair chance)

10:00 am: election ballot box opens (election committee will handle setup)

10:00 am: sales of raffle tickets starts

12:30 pm: general meeting starts, including summary of committee reports

1:00 pm: ballot box closes

1:00 pm: food service starts

2:30 pm: election results

2:40 pm: raffle

2:40 pm: new board of directors meets and elects president


Parking notes:

need signs and maybe cones to keep members in right parking spaces


Raffle notes:

Raffle tickets will be available at election table.


Food setup:




Running the layout/trains?

Assess current condition

Volunteer to run

Who brings the trains.