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Annual Meeting Information (and election)

Sunday October 21, Walter Andersen Nursery, Poway


Sue Murray has graciously agreed to lead our annual meeting and picnic committee.

It's a big job, the meeting will be at Walter Andersen so there's a number of moving parts.

Please consider volunteering to help Sue and your club.

Important information for attendees:

  • Bring your own shade and chairs and tables.
  • Be sure to label the serving utensil and the container you bring your food in.
  • Be sure to follow the parking directions and map you will receive in the newsletter supplements.
  • We need to be sure we do not affect Walter Andersen's customers on this busy Sunday.


andersens parking   Copy


Here's the general timeline so far:


9:00 am: swap meet setup can start, gates open about 7:30 am

10:00 am: swap meet purchasing starts (we hold off people so everyone gets a fair chance)

10:00 am: election ballot box opens (election committee will handle setup)

10:00 am: sales of raffle tickets starts

12:30 pm: general meeting starts, including summary of committee reports

1:00 pm: ballot box closes

1:00 pm: food service starts

2:30 pm: election results

2:40 pm: raffle

2:40 pm: new board of directors meets and elects president


List of Volunteers:

  • (all Board members)
  • Tom Northrup
  • Clare Sampley
  • Mike Reilley



Andersen's employees will open the gates at 7:30 am, Tom Northrup will be there at 7:30 and "rope off" the sections of the parking lot.

Need parking lot person to direct people if they go to the wrong place after Tom tapes/ropes off sections and heads to train layout. He'll have a few maps for those who might need them. Greg will print maps.

Tom will "tape off" the areas per the map.



Don't forget to vote for new board members. Bring your ballot from the newsletter or ballots will be available at election table.

Raffle tickets sold from same table as election, Greg E, Mike R and Mike von R will handle.

Gene will bring prizes and tickets and will lay the prizes out on tables he will bring.



The food itself:

Tacos (Beef, Pork & Chicken), Toppings, Rice and Beans will be catered. 

Potluck by Last Name:  A - L bring Side dish or Salad    M - Z bring Dessert

We can always use Volunteers to help with setting up food tables and organizing the potluck dishes on the tables.

Plates and Utensils

The caterers are bring plates, utensils and napkins.


Andy will purchase and deliver the drinks.

Andy will purchase and deliver the ice.

Need a few coolers, Gene has 2 large "bushel" containers, and a large 68 quart chest,  looking for 2 more plastic bushel containers

Layout of tables for food:

Sue will determine this for all food and driinks.

3-4 tables for food, and 2 popups over the food?

Sue has tables for the donated food.



Need trash cans and liners, and need to find out where to dump at Andersen

Also should probably have separate recycle cans


Running the Layout/Trains:

Tom Northrup will handle this after opening and setting up parking

There are trains already there.

Members can bring trains to run. Get in touch with Tom Northrup ahead of time please.

Remember, attendees need to bring their own shade and chairs and tables, so the below is for the Picnic functions only:


Shade / Popups

Sue Murray has 3-4 popups, folding chairs, and 4 6 foot tables but needs transportation

Mike Reilley has a pickup and will bring 2 popups, and concrete blocks for holding tables down, or buckets to be filled with water



There is electrical power in the small shed at the NorthEast end of parking lot. Greg will bring a couple of long extension cords, but we have nothing that needs electricity now.

All volunteers, check if you will need power.